World Language

The Foreign Language department offers introductory courses at the sixth grade level.  Thereafter, students, depending on interest and ability, will study Latin or Spanish beginning in the seventh grade.  The study of foreign language is an essential part of a child’s education.  It enables the student to understand and appreciate other cultures in a shrinking world and contributes to overall intellectual development.  In order to fulfill our graduation requirement, at least three years of foreign language must be completed during grades 9-12.  Four years in the study of a language is strongly recommended for students seeking admission to competitive colleges.

Exploratory Latin (Grade 6) is a nine-week required course designed to introduce sixth grade students to the Latin language.  During this study they will learn about ancient Romans and about the history, culture, and everyday life of ancient Rome.  As the course proceeds, students will discover the influence that Latin and Roman culture has on our own culture and language today.  

Latin IA (Grade 7) is an introductory year-long course that covers half of the material covered in a traditional Latin I course and introduces the student to the language and culture of Ancient Rome. Emphasis will be placed on grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Students will explore the influence of Rome on our language and culture.  Specific topics covered include:  Latin vocabulary and grammar, word derivations, common Latin phrases and their meanings, and a brief overview of Roman history and culture.  

Latin IB (Grade 8) continues the course of instruction started in IA.  Students will continue to build on their understanding of Latin grammar, vocabulary, and translation skills.  There will be continued emphasis on word derivations and Latin’s influence on English.  The students will build on their understanding of Roman culture and history.  At the completion of this course the students will be ready to take Latin II. 

Latin I (Grades 8-9) is a year-long course offered to students who have not completed Latin IA. 

Students will be introduced to the language and culture of Ancient Rome.  Emphasis will be placed on grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.  Latin I stresses the fundamentals of Latin translation while incorporating the history, culture, and literature of Ancient Rome.   The influence of Rome on our language and culture will be explored.  


Introductory Spanish (Grade 6) is a semester-long course that will develop, reinforce, and refine communicative competency in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. The objective of this course is to familiarize the student with the basic elements of communication in Spanish and to acquaint the student with the countries and cultures in which Spanish is spoken.  The text for this course is Viva el Espanol.

Spanish IA (Grade 7) is a year-long course that covers one half of traditional Spanish I, allowing students more time to process the vocabulary and grammar. It also allows students to have greater exposure to the Spanish culture through frequently scheduled activities. 

Spanish IB (Grade 8) is the second half of the traditional Spanish I course and may be taken by students who have performed well in Spanish IA and exhibited an aptitude for the study of foreign language. Enrollment in this course is based on teacher recommendation. At the end of the course, students will be prepared to begin Spanish II. 

Spanish I (Grade 8-9) focuses on creating a solid foundation on which to build further studies. Students develop their language skills by studying and using vocabulary and grammar in culturally authentic situations. Class periods emphasize verbal activities supplemented by written exercises. Cultural material is integrated into the text and reinforced by appropriate audio and visual aids. The student is continually challenged to use Spanish in both speaking and writing.