Upper School Curriculum

A normal course load in our seven period day consists of five core academic courses, an elective, and a study hall. A few students opt for six core academic courses while some carry two electives. Most courses have prerequisites and require department and divisional approval. Online courses need the approval of the Head of Upper School and the department chair. They are granted school credit, but are not factored into a student’s GPA.

KEY: (H): Honors level available (AP): Advanced Placement   

All courses are college preparatory. Classes designated as Honors level are designed to be even more academically challenging than other college preparatory courses. Each subject meets five periods per week.

 9th Grade

  • Themes in Literature (H)
  • Ancient Civilizations (H)
  • Biology (H)
  • Algebra I (H) or Geometry (H)
  • Latin I,II, or Spanish I, II 

10th Grade

  • World Literature (H)
  • Modern History or AP Modern History
  • Chemistry (H)
  • Geometry (H) or Algebra II (H)
  • Latin I, II, III or Spanish I, II, III 

11th Grade

  • American Literature (H) or AP Language and Composition
  • US History or AP History
  • Physics (H), Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, AP Biology , or AP Chemistry 
  • Algebra II (H), Pre-Calculus (H)
  • Latin I, II, III, IV (H), Spanish I, II, III,IV (H), AP Spanish Language.

12th Grade

  • British Literature (H) or AP Literature and Composition
  • Ancient Civilization (only Honors level) or AP Modern European History (these two options are valid through Class of 2022; new senior options will be published next year)
  • Physics (H), Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, AP Biology , AP Chemistry, AP Physics 
  • Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus (H), Calculus (only Honors level), AP Calculus AB, Statistics
  • Latin I, II, III, IV (H), V (H), Spanish I, II, III, IV (H), AP Spanish Language   

Electives (Grades 9-12 – some courses have prerequisites or require teacher permission)

  • AP Art (Drawing, 2-D, 3-D)
  • Advanced Art
  • Ceramics I, II
  • Art Journals
  • Portfolio Studio Art
  • Independent Studio Art
  • Calligraphy
  • Theater
  • Varsity Band
  • Varsity Chorus
  • Eagle Publications (Yearbook)
  • Sports Medicine
  • Intramurals
  • Web Design
  • Programming in Java
  • Child & Adolescent Literature
  • Introduction to Linguistics/Philosophy

Upper School

Dr. Dave Guidi
Head of Upper School
(910) 868-5131 ext. 3320