Testing Information

Standardized Testing Opportunities by Grade Level

 Learn about required testing for college entry for Fayetteville Academy students. 

9th Grade Pre-ACT administered mid-March
10th Grade PSAT administered the 2nd Wednesday in October
11th Grade PSAT administered the 2nd Wednesday in October
  ACT an official on-site ACT administered late February
  SAT an official on-site SAT administered mid April


Juniors are being offered ACT and SAT Prep classes on campus after school this semester to prepare for the February ACT and the April SAT.  Twenty-six juniors are currently enrolled in a three-week ACT Prep class which meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30. Two Fayetteville Academy teachers, Mrs. Mary Vanderzell, an English 10 and 11 teacher and Mrs. Kendra Byrd, an Algebra teacher, are the instructors.

Juniors will be offered an SAT Prep class after Spring Break for the April 24 SAT.

More information can be found at collegeboard.org and actstudent.org.

College Counseling

Pam Darden
Pam Darden
Director of College Counseling
(910) 868-5131 ext. 3305
Joanna Frady
Joanna Frady
Assistant Director of College Counseling
(910) 868-5131 ext. 3315
2017-2018 SAT/ACT Information and Test Dates
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