Technology I (Grade 6)

Sixth Grade Tech I is a semester-long class that meets every-other day. Students will use computers in Office 10, the web site, and other web site resources to learn keyboarding and word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet skills (MS Excel), file maintenance, simple graphic editing, and various online applications, as well as receive an  introduction to computer programming during the Hour of Code near the end of the semester. All work will be assigned using’s web site and students will turn in all assignments electronically through that site along with maintaining files on the school’s server.

Technology II (Grade 7)

Seventh Grade Technology II is a year-long class that meets every other day. Students will use computers in Office 10 to do Word Processing, PowerPoint, and Excel, MS Movie Maker, Graphic Editing in MS Paint and Photo Editing in Paint.NET. Online apps will be learned and used in various ways to solve real-world issues so that students learn to think outside the box. This is a project-based class that mimics an online course using to receive and turn in assignments. Some projects are cross-curricular with English and History; others will involve using real-world applications to create documents and multimedia files. Good computer keyboarding skills are encouraged and expected by the end of the year through occasional online assignments. All work is an attempt at mimicking files used by 21st Century, life-long learners who will use technology the rest of their lives.

Web Design  (Grades 8-12)         
Students will learn how to program a computer to display a web site using Hypertext Markup Language or HTML without the need for web design software. Students will be Level III web page designers, and, as time permits, will have an introduction to XHTML and XML web design programming. This course alternates each year with Introduction to Programming in JAVA.

Introduction to Programming in Java (Grades 8-12)

Introduction to Programming in Java is an elective, year-long class that teaches students to program using Java. This course is an introduction to the ideas and methodologies of programing and is considered a Computer Science class. This class requires minimal studying and little time working on homework. It is meant to be a springboard to students who may be interested in perusing Computer Science courses in college but can easily be understood by anyone interested in technology. This course alternates each year with Web Design.

David Tisdale
Director of Academic Technology
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Debi Smith
Chair, STEAM Department, LS Technology Instructor
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Cath Rathbone
HLT SmartLab® Facilitator
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