Seniors and First Graders Bury Time Capsule

Seniors and first graders bury time capsule

The senior class and the first grade pose with the time capsule they buried in the courtyard.


Senior Class and First Graders Bury Time Capsule

Members of the senior class worked with the first grade to gather items for a time capsule to mark the unique date Feb. 22, 2022. Feb. 22 written as 02/22/2022 is a palindrome, and such a date is unique as it only occurs in the first few centuries of a millennium.

The capsule was buried in the school’s courtyard, and plans are to unearth the capsule on March 3, 2033 (3/3/2033). The first grade class will be seniors in 2033.

The senior class included digital files, handwritten notes to the students who will unearth the capsule in 11 years, headlines of the day, Billboard charts, school announcements, face masks signed by the class, and a photo of their class taken at the Senior Breakfast on the first day of school this year. First grade students added their own print outs of headlines and notes and artwork.

The effort was spearheaded by Kristen Ballew, chair of the history department. Mrs. Ballew teaches AP Modern History as one of her classes.


Contents of the time capsule

The contents of the 2/2/2022 time capsule include face masks, headlines and a photo of the class of 2022.