School Counseling

The School Counseling Office is responsible for providing academic, personal, relational, and developmental support to students and their families. Issues that may be addressed include: adjustment and coping with personal issues such as depression, anxiety, or family issues; academic and career advisement; assessment of interests, aptitudes, and challenges; facilitating transition from school to adult life; and advocacy.

In the Lower School, the School Counseling Office provides character education lessons on a monthly basis, individual and small group counseling and assistance in assessing students’ abilities and behaviors to ensure they receive proper care and education. The counselor also teaches twice a month, contributes to assemblies, organizes Red Ribbon Week, and runs USA Club.

In the Middle and Upper School, the School Counseling Office provides both individual and small group counseling, teaches the MORE class to our 6th grade students, runs the USA Mentors Club, Bringing Real Adolescent Voices Empowerment (BRAVE) Club, Friendship, Encouragement, Leadership, Loyalty, Owning Actions, Winning Attitude, and Self-Confidence (FELLOWS), manages accommodations requests and proctoring, and is one of the coordinators of our International Student Program.

Meetings with a counselor provide a safe space to discuss any personal or school related issue and students and their families are welcome to schedule appointments or drop in at any time. However, school counseling is generally short term, and when students face more complex or long standing issues, parents will be offered referrals to seek additional support.

Lower School Character Education

At Fayetteville Academy, we are committed to our students’ success in and out of the classroom. As our students face the rigors and expectations of academic demands, along with the normal challenges of childhood, it is our goal to provide a school environment that optimizes students’ learning and emotional well-being.

Character Education helps fosters ethical, responsible, and caring young people by modeling and teaching good character and leadership through an emphasis on universal values that we all share.

Fayetteville Academy Character Education Plan

Seven Habits of Happy Kids- The Leader in Me


Introductions, Rules, Goals
Habit # 3- Putting First Things First- I spend my time on things that are most important. I set priorities
Habit #1- Be Proactive- I am a responsible person. I am in charge. I choose my actions, attitudes and moods.
Habit #2- Begin with the end in mind- I plan ahead and set goals. I look for ways to be a good citizen
Habit #4- Think Win-Win- I balance the courage of getting what I want with consideration of what others want
Habit #5- Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood- I listen to others without interrupting, I try to see things from their viewpoint, I am confident in voicing my own ideas
Habit #6- Synergize- I value other people’s strengths and learn from them. I seek out other people’s ideas because I know that by teaming with others we can create better solutions than anyone of us can alone.
Habit #7- Sharpen the Saw- I take care of myself. I spend time with family and friends. I find meaningful ways to help others
Review the 7 Habits

Middle and Upper School Character Education Program

The Academy believes that an important component of the daily experience is a consistent and age appropriate character development program.

The Middle School and High School programs helps our adolescent students learn to be responsible, caring, and accepting of their classmates and other members of the Academy community.

With students of various ages in one school division, the older students are given opportunities to become role models for the younger ones. 

This interaction allows the development of leadership, as well as building a sense of community among the students.

Topics which emphasize character building include:

  • 6th Grade – MORE Course

  •  Individual and small group counseling needs

    This may include but is not limited to: anxiety, depression, self harm, eating disorders, suicidal ideations, self esteem, relational problems, stress, family or peer conflict, grief…

  • Community Service Projects:

    Red Ribbon Week

    Adopt a school program – T.C. Berrien Elementary School

    • Trunk a Treat in October
    • Collect Thanksgiving goods and non-perishable items in November
    • Gifts for parents in December
    • Donate school supplies

School Counseling


Dr. April Sikes-Brown
Director of Student Support Services
(910) 868-5131 ext. 3329
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