Mission, Core Values and Diversity

Fayetteville Academy is an independent, college preparatory school that encourages students to achieve their full potential by offering exceptional opportunities in academics, fine arts, and athletics.  The Academy emphasizes scholarship, honor, leadership, and citizenship, in a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Core Values


  • The Academy instills and nurtures a passion for learning that goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. 
  • The Academy teaches students how to think, not what to think, thus empowering them to be creative problem solvers.


  • The Academy instills in students a genuine desire to adhere to moral and ethical principles.
  • The Academy gives students the courage to face adversity and challenges in the face of community and global realities.
  • The Academy teaches students to respect themselves and others regardless of differences and perspectives.


  • The Academy develops future leaders by offering a wide variety of leadership opportunities for students and by encouraging students to grow as independent thinkers and engaged human beings.
  • The Academy community takes responsibility for its actions and/or inactions and engages in honest self-reflection.
  • The Academy instills a work ethic in students that will enable them to be successful, productive, and humane in their future endeavors.


  • The Academy develops responsible citizens at school, local, national, and global levels.
  • The Academy inspires in students a desire to give back to the school and local community in the form of volunteer service.
  • Recognizing the strength of our diversity and the interdependency of our community, the Academy values a collaborative and democratic decision-making process.

The Academy establishes policies and procedures which ensure that all members of the school community are treated with justice, respect, and compassion.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Board of Trustees adopted the Diversity and Inclusion statement September 13, 2021.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Honor Code

The Academy has an Honor Code in all three school divisions to help instill personal integrity in each student.  There are no locks on student lockers.

Honor Council

A faculty committee will recommend a group of Upper School students to serve on this body that is responsible for hearing Honor Code violation cases. The student body will elect from the recommended group, the individuals whom they feel will best fulfill this responsibility. The Honor Council consists of six student members: one freshman, one sophomore, two juniors, and two seniors. There are two faculty representatives in addition to the Honor Council advisor. The selection process occurs in the spring for the following school year.