Mathematics in grades 6-8 is a sequential, college preparatory program.  It emphasizes the development of math concepts, computational skills, problem solving, and critical thinking.  Comprehensive and appropriately challenging, this curriculum is designed to provide students with the math background necessary for subsequent math coursework.

Math 6 (Grade 6) is a continuation of the Progress in Mathematics program used in the Lower School.  The continuity of the program helps to ease the Middle School transition and allows the students to expand their mathematical ability.  Concepts including numeration, operations, computation, algebra, functions, geometry, measurement, and probability are still presented in a variety of formats to develop higher level critical thinking.  Many skills directly foreshadow pre-algebra. 

Pre-Algebra (Grades 7-8) reviews the basic computation of real numbers while integrating skills requiring higher levels of thinking.  The use of variables throughout prepares for expanded operations required in Algebra I. Algebra-thinking activity labs provide students with opportunities to dig deeper and explore algebraic concepts to build conceptual understanding. This course, normally taught to eighth graders, is also offered to seventh graders who have demonstrated above average quantitative aptitude and skill.  

Pre-Algebra Part I (Grade 7) is the first of a two year programming covering the pre-algebra curriculum.

Pre-Algebra Part II (Grade 8) is the second year of a two year programming covering the pre-algebra curriculum.

Algebra I CP (Grades 8-9) is offered to all students who have completed Pre-Algebra.  It extends the concept of set theory to include algebraic expressions, algebraic fractions, factoring, solving linear and quadratic equations, as well as solving systems of equations and inequalities.  The graphing of linear and quadratic functions is emphasized. The interpretation and solution of verbal problems is incorporated within each skill area. Students are encouraged to develop precise and accurate habits of mathematical expression. 

Algebra I Honors (Grades 8-9) is offered primarily to 8th grade students who completed Pre-Algebra in the 7th grade.  This is an advanced course; therefore, the pace and rigor of this class will be significantly more challenging than Algebra I CP.  Students will study linear, quadratic, absolute value, radical, and rational equations and inequalities, the graphing of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, solving systems of equations and inequalities, multiplying and factoring polynomials, and simplifying exponential, radical, and rational expressions.  Throughout the year, students will work extensively with word problems to develop their critical thinking skills.