Lunch Program – Schoolhouse Fare

SCHOOLHOUSE FARE provides a turnkey school lunch program to schools across the nation, at no cost to the school. To facilitate our solution, the lunch program features a secure, convenient and user-friendly online lunch order and payment program. The automation broadens the variety of nutritious choices on the menu so that families can create an economical lunch that their students will enjoy. To provide these quality lunches, popular family restaurants and caterers have been carefully selected to prepare and deliver the fresh lunches raising the bar over menus of processed foods.


Some important information regarding the new school lunch program.

  1.  Go here HTTPS://ORDERS.SCHOOLHOUSEFARE.COM and click “create new account”.
  2. 1. The password to create your account is FAEAGLES.
  3. 2. If you are trying to order and the website tells you that the menu for the day is “view only”, please use the “24 hour menu” (they are the same). 

Please see this document for more information.