History Department

This department strives to provide a comprehensive survey that will give each student the broad base and informed perspective needed for studying history at the high school level.

United States History (Grade 6) is a continuation of the study begun in 5th grade in our Lower School.  This course begins with the events surrounding the Civil War and continues to present day.  Students are challenged to understand the events that have modeled the United States’ role in our modern world.  

North Carolina History (Grade 7) is an in-depth study of North Carolina’s geography, economy, government, events, and personalities.  It analyzes historical developments from the time of the earliest Native American inhabitants to challenges in the 21st century.  Emphasized are local history and the influence of this community upon our state.  Each student is required to submit an interdisciplinary project and Power Point.  

World Geography (Grade 8) is a survey to examine and learn more about the planet Earth.  The course examines the many countries and regions of the world, taking note of the differences and similarities among them.  In addition, the course examines political and cultural factors, economic and social interactions, the physical area, and the impact each region has on the others.  In the end, students gain insights that allow them to become better global citizens in the 21st century.