Hall of Fame Nominations

1. Who is eligible?

Student-athletes who have graduated from Fayetteville Academy five or more years previously and are in good standing in the community

Coaches who have coached at Fayetteville Academy a full season or more

Friends of the Eagles (student managers and trainers, Eagle Club boosters, volunteers, and other athletic staff)

2. Nominating process

Nominations can be made by any past or present member of the Fayetteville Academy community, but no current student may make a nomination. Past or present members of the FA community would include former and current coaches, former and current faculty and staff, former and current parents and grandparents, and former students.

The nominating party is responsible for completing the nomination form and for all information and stats for review.

Nominations are rolling. 

Inductees will be informed as soon as the selections are made so they can make plans to be in attendance at the induction ceremony.

Once nominated, one will remain on the nomination list from year to year, even if not selected the first year.

3. Selection process

The Hall of Fame Committee will be comprised of the Athletic Director, Eagle Club President, Alumni Director, Head of School, a faculty member, current coach, and current Athletic Hall of Fame member. The committee will review all nominations, and a unanimous vote most be taken for admittance. A selection meeting will take place, and each committee member will serve a two-year term. The Athletic Director will nominate a coach to serve; the Head of School will nominate a staff member; and the Alumni Director will nominate a current Hall of Fame member.

4. Criteria for admission

This will be determined by the committee of seven members. Student-athletes are required to have been selected to the All-State team in their respective sport and/or competed at the collegiate level.  All other individual and team awards will be reviewed, including those from the athlete’s college career.

5. Number of inductees

There will be a maximum of four inductees each year, and some years there may be none.

6. Induction Ceremony

The Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held between the Alumni basketball games on the Tuesday evening before the Thanksgiving holiday. There will be a reception prior to the games for all new and current members of the Athletic Hall of Fame. All inductees will be allowed to invite family, close friends, former coaches, and teammates to the reception and ceremony. Each inductee will need to ask someone to introduce him/her and make a few remarks during the ceremony.



Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations Committee
Ray Quesnel, Head of School
Chip Bishop, Athletic Director
Mary Jon Barkman, Eagle Club President
Alison Jones, Director of Communications and Alumni Relations
Andrew McCarthy, Fayetteville Academy Soccer Coach
John Harbison, FA Faculty member
Meredith Smith Wiles, current Hall of Fame member