Graduation Requirements

All students are required to take five academic courses each year in grades 9-12 to earn the following units:

Department    Units
English   4
Mathematics   4
Science   4  (to include biology and chemistry)
History   4  (to include American government, world history, and US history
Foreign Language   3   (to include at least 2 years of the same language)
Physical Education  

1 (may be alternatively met with 3 seasons of play on interscholastic team)

Fine Arts   1 (may be met with 1 year of art, chorus, or band, or 2 years of Eagle Publication)

Total   21 units

Seniors will take courses in English, math, science, and history. A world language course may also serve as the fifth academic course. Exceptions or other substitutions require administrative approval. Seniors MUST pass all subjects to graduate!

The Fayetteville Academy Class of 2017


Head of School

Ray Quesnel