Fayetteville Academy Homecoming 2020


January 24

Middle School Most Spirited Girl – Mary Reese Barkman and Most Spirited Boy – Wells Alderman

Former Homecoming Queens return (l-r): Covey Holmes-2019, Sydney Smith-2016, Madison Katz-2015, Meagan Bishop Bellamy-2010, Anne Catherine McLean Williams-2007, Caroline Long Hess-2005, Hillary Robinson McKeown-2004, Claire Long Mullen-2003, Chessica Allen Logue-2000, Lee Jackson Ammons-Prewitt-1986, Robin Crummie Palmer-1981, Elizabeth Frederick Carter-1978

6th Man Award – Mary Jon Barkman

Homecoming Court (l-r): Freshman Princess-Sophia Hernandez, Freshman Prince-Gehrig Hodges, Sophomore Princess-Noora Sharma, Sophomore Prince-Chris Ewart, Senior Homecoming King-Matthew Distell, Senior Homecoming Queen-Olivia Hernandez, Junior Prince-Alex Ponder, Junior Princess-Sophia Yang


Video – Homecoming 2020 Pep Rally (video courtesy of Carmen Calabrese)

Video – presentation of former Homecoming Queens and Homecoming Court ceremony (video courtesy of Carmen Calabrese)

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