Fayetteville Academy Athletes of the Year

Congratulations to Sydney Neal, Fayetteville Academy Female Athlete of the Year and to Davis Saint-Amand, the Gilbert Whitted Ray Male Athlete of the Year! 

The Gilbert Whitted Ray Male Athlete of the Year Award: A member of the Fayetteville Academy class of 1985 and two time recipient of this award, Gilbert epitomized the athletic excellence which has become the hallmark of this award. Small in stature but huge in heart, Gilbert excelled on the soccer field and the basketball court well beyond the level of his physical ability. Our first state championship soccer team, of which Gilbert was a key member, reflected his finest qualities as an athlete and teammate. Gilbert possessed a tremendous passion for Fayetteville Academy and was beloved for his enthusiasm and school spirit. When he was not busy participating in the big games himself, Gilbert could always be found leading the student section or storming out of the stands to lead a pep rally with his contagious energy and boundless sense of humor. Sadly, Gilbert Ray was lost to us just one year after graduating.

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