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When the founding Board of Trustees chartered Fayetteville Academy in 1969, they wanted to provide children with the finest educational experience in Cumberland County. In order to ensure that we carry on this mission for generations to come, we need to increase our endowment. Endowment is a permanent fund in which the principal is invested and some of the earnings may be spent. The larger an endowment, the greater the earnings, and the more it can be used to relieve the pressure to raise other revenues. More simply, it helps lessen the pressure for increased tuition income and annual fundraising. In essence, the strength of our endowment will guarantee the strength of our school…forever!

 Current Endowment Funds: These funds will exist in perpetuity to help provide long-term financial stability for our school. Donors can choose to donate further funds to these and other Academy funds at any time now or in the future.

These first three funds below are owned by and managed through the Cumberland Community Foundation for the benefit of Fayetteville Academy, P. O. Box 2345, Fayetteville, NC 28302. Gifts to these funds are made to the Cumberland Community Foundation. 

1. The Fayetteville Academy General Endowment Fund

Earnings from this fund are unrestricted, i.e., the Board of Trustees will determine how any earnings are spent. There is no minimum donation for this endowment. NOTE:  Gifts to the The Fayetteville Academy General Endowment can be made directly to the Cumberland Community Foundation, 308 Green St., Fayetteville, NC  28301, through the Fayetteville Academy website, or by mailing a check made payable to Fayetteville Academy, 3200 Cliffdale Rd., Fayetteville, NC  28303

2. The Fayetteville Academy Faculty and Staff Endowment Fund

This fund was begun by Jordan Jones, Class of 2004, in appreciation for the outstanding education he received at Fayetteville Academy. Earnings from this fund are to be used to supplement faculty and staff salaries at the Academy. There is no minimum donation for this fund.

3. The Fayetteville Academy Mathematics Endowment Fund

This fund was created by Walter Moorman in honor of Mrs. Delos “Dee” Hanna as a tribute to her many years of service. Earnings from this fund benefit the Department of Mathematics.

 These next four named funds are owned by the Fayetteville Academy.  Gifts to these funds are made directly to the school. You may click here to donate now.

 1. The Lulie Harry Fund (Established 2012-2013) Click HERE for video.

This unrestricted fund was created to honor one of the iconic members of our faculty, Lulie Harry, a history teacher and department chair.  Lulie personifies the excellence for which we all strive, and in her 40+ years at the Academy, she has had a profound impact on thousands of students and hundreds of fellow faculty members.

2. The Virginia Satisky Fund (Established 2013-2014) Click HERE for video.

This unrestricted fund has been established to acknowledge the profound impact Virginia has had on Academy students over her many years of service.  Virginia has served as a teacher, administrator, and mentor to many for over 35 years at the Academy.

3. The Lambert Family Fund (Established 2014-2015) Click HERE for video.

This unrestricted fund has been established to acknowledge the “First Family of FA,” the Lamberts. From the very first day we opened our doors until today, Barbara B., Otis, and Barbara E. have been integral members of the Academy family. There has never been a day at Fayetteville Academy without the Lamberts, and it is arguable that every student who ever attended our school has been affected in one way or another by the Lamberts.

4. The McCarthy-Maher Endowment (Established 2018) 

At the request of its namesakes, the income generated from this endowment will be used with a priority given to needs in the Academy’s athletic department, while also being made available for unrestricted purposes determined by the administrators of the school when no such need is perceived. Andrew McCarthy “Maca” and Jimmy Maher are best known to our school family as the coaches of our varsity soccer teams. The 14 state championship teams, numerous, conference championship teams, and multiple, nationally ranked teams that F.A. has fielded under their guidance, along with countless all-conference, all-state and all-American players they have coached would be reason enough to honor them.

 Endowment Giving Opportunities

To Name…Your gift will be…

The new gym and lobby area plus endow its annual expenses –  $500,000

The Upper, Middle, or Lower School, each at $ 500,000

The Administration Building –  $ 500,000

The Media Centers, each at $ 150,000

To endow…Your gift will be…

The General Scholarship Fund (to be used at discretion of the Head of School and especially for financial aid)

As many donors as possible, each at $ 50,000

To name and endow…Your gift will be…

The Department Chairs (English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Language, the Arts)

Up to four donors per chair, each at $ 25,000


Advancement Office


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Fayetteville Academy is an institution with a 501 (c)(3) classification allowing donations to be tax deductible as permitted by current tax laws.