Elective courses in grades 9-12 are graded and recorded on the official transcript. Grades are included in the student’s overall grade point average on the transcript but, with the exception of History on Film, are not calculated in determining honor rolls, honor society, marshals, valedictorian, salutatorian, and academic probation.

Advanced Art – This class is for students who want to improve their artistic abilities and discover new ones. All projects focus on the elements of art, the principles of design, and creativity. Advanced Art students are required to keep a sketchbook and are encouraged to keep a portfolio of their work.

Art Journals

Ceramics I  All work is based on hand-building techniques: pinch, coil, and slab, with the exception of a small introduction to the wheel. Projects are designed to give the students direction, but enable them to interpret themes/techniques in their own way. This is a great class for students who like to work with their hands and don’t mind making a mess.

Ceramics II – Is open to all students who have completed Ceramics I.  Students will work primarily on the potter’s wheel. Types of pieces/topics include cylinders, pitchers, bowls, plates, platters, throwing off the hump, teapot sets, and throwing in sections. Ceramics II students are required to keep a sketchbook and create slides or a portfolio of their work.

Eagle Publications is open to all students in grades 9 – 12.  Students enrolled in this course will collaborate in the creation of the school yearbook.  Students will explore photography, layout and design, and basic journalism skills such as interview techniques, factual and opinion-based writing, and editing. Teamwork is very important, as well as the ability to work with deadlines. Students will earn .5 fine arts credits per year.

i-Mentor  is open to all students in grades 9 – 12.  Students interested in this course must get approval from the instructor. Students will go through the i-Mentor program on-line (at i-Safe.org) in a timely manner and became certified i-Safe Mentors (unless already certified). Once certified, they will schedule and teach Lower and Middle School classes about safety on the Internet using a program-provided curriculum guide. Students will be graded on preparation, knowledge of the i-Safe curriculum, and how responsibly they act in scheduling and executing classes with Lower and Middle school students.

Independent Studio Art is based on teacher recommendation for talent, work ethic, and behavior.  This course is completely student centered.   It is designed to provide the opportunity for students to focus on their interest and passions – allowing them to explore particular disciplines or styles in depth and develop high quality art which may be submitted for AP credit.

Intramurals  will satisfy the Physical Education graduation requirement and is open to all students in grades 9 – 12.  This course will provide students with the opportunity to experience a variety of sports and games. Students will engage in a variety of health-enhancing activities that promote improvement in each health-related component of fitness: cardio-respiratory, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition.

Introduction to Programming in Java                                                                                      Introduction to Programming in Java is an elective, year-long class that teaches students to program using Java. This course is an introduction to the ideas and methodologies of programing and is considered a Computer Science class. This class requires minimal studying and little time working on homework. It is meant to be a springboard to students who may be interested in perusing Computer Science courses in college but can easily be understood by anyone interested in technology. This course alternates each year with Web Design.

Portfolio Studio Art  is open to all students who have completed Ceramics I or Advanced Art.  Students are accepted into the class based on teacher recommendation for talent, work ethic, and behavior.  Students will complete a variety of assignments that will challenge them as artists and will encourage them to experiment with new media and techniques.

Sports MedicineThis course will satisfy the Physical Education graduation requirement. Sports Medicine is a one-year program that is designed for students interested in fields such as athletic training, physical therapy, medicine, fitness, physiology of exercise, kinesiology, nutrition, and other sports medicine related fields. The course includes study and hands-on application in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries, taping and wrapping of injuries, first aid/CPR, emergency procedures, and sports medicine careers. The course requires  additional time working with the athletic teams during after school and evening hours. This course requires teacher approval.

Varsity Band – Varsity Band is for the student who has a good performing ability and knowledge of an instrument. Upon recommendation of the band director, a student in 7th – 12th grade may enroll in Varsity Band.

Varsity Chorus- The Varsity Chorus is Fayetteville Academy’s most advanced choir. The group will study many different varieties of music throughout the year and showcase their talent at several performances. Emphasis will be placed on reading music, understanding theory, developing listening skills, and learning about musical styles and composition. Whether you have been singing your whole life or are thinking about trying it out, you will enjoy this course.

Web Design          
Students will learn how to program a computer to display a web site using Hypertext Markup Language or HTML without the need for web design software. Students will be Level III web page designers, and, as time permits, will have an introduction to XHTML and XML web design programming. This course alternates each year with Introduction to JAVA Programming.