Beginning Band  (Grade 6)
This class is open to sixth grade students wishing to learn a brass or percussion instrument.  The band instructor will discuss the specific instrument the student will learn during the first week of class.  The instrument that the student is interested in learning will be a consideration.  Sixth grade students are required to select either Beginning Band or Choral Music as a performing arts class.

Junior Chorus  (Grade 6)                   
The focus of this class is choral singing.  Students will also learn how to read and understand written music and learn about various composers and their music.  Members can expect approximately half an hour of homework per week with several performances scattered throughout the school year.  

Varsity Band  (Grades 7-12)       
Varsity Band is for the student who has a good performing ability and knowledge of an instrument.  This course requires the recommendation of the Band Director.

Varsity Chorus  (Grades 7-12)
The Varsity Chorus will study many different varieties of music throughout the year, and showcase their talent at several performances.  Emphasis will be placed on reading music, understanding theory, developing listening skills, and learning about musical styles and composition.  The Academy Chorus can expect approximately half an hour of homework per week. 

Art 7  (Grade 7)
This course is a year-long enrichment class for seventh grade students that alternates with the Technology II class. Students will experiment with a variety of visual media.

Advanced Art  (Grades 8-12)      
This class is for students who desire to improve their artistic abilities and discover new ones. All projects focus on the elements of art, the principles of design, and creativity.  Students are encouraged to keep a portfolio of their work for subsequent art courses.

Art Journals (Grades 8-12)

Students will use the art journal format to share their thoughts and feelings through a combination of visual art and text. Student’s will be working on a variety of topics/themes throughout the year and will investigate and experiment with a wide variety of media and techniques. This is a hands-on art-making course. Attendance is very important.

Ceramics I   (Grades 8-12)         
This class is for students who desire to learn the basics of hand building techniques: pinch, coil, and slab.  Near the end of the year, the wheel will be introduced. Projects are designed to give the students direction but enable them to interpret themes/techniques in their own way.

Physical Education  (Grades 8-12)
This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn about a variety of games and activities designed to have fun, improve gross motor skills, and instill an appreciation for teamwork.  Students must come to class dressed in appropriate physical education attire.  PE will meet every day (8th grade) or on alternate days (7th grade).

Web Design  (Grades 8-12)         
Students will learn how to program a computer to display a web site using Hypertext Markup Language or HTML without the need for web design software. Students will be Level III web page designers, and, as time permits, will have an introduction to XHTML and XML web design programming. This course alternates each year with Introduction to Programming in JAVA.

Introduction to Programming in Java (Grades 8-12)

Introduction to Programming in Java is an elective, year-long class that teaches students to program using Java. This course is an introduction to the ideas and methodologies of programing and is considered a Computer Science class. This class requires minimal studying and little time working on homework. It is meant to be a springboard to students who may be interested in perusing Computer Science courses in college but can easily be understood by anyone interested in technology. This course alternates each year with Web Design.

Study Hall  (Grades 7 and 8)
Study hall is an elective that allows students to begin their homework and study for tests.  Students who have a 90 or better core academic average may earn campus privilege study hall.