Coaches Contact Information



 Varsity Girls’ and Boys’  Soccer  Andrew McCarthy
 Junior Varsity Soccer  Tito Graham
 Varsity Volleyball  Mary Vaderzell
 Junior Varsity Volleyball  Mary Vanderzell
 Varsity Girls’ Basketball  Kevin Dennison
 Middle School Girls’ Basketball  Tim Dudley  
 Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball  Jasmine Canady
 Junior Varsity Boys’ Basketball  Rashaad Ghaffar
 Middle School Boys’ Basketball  Chip Bishop
 Varsity Boys’ Basketball  Bill Boyette
 Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming  Cassie Shafer, Sally Distell
 Cross Country, Track and Field    
 Varsity Cross Country  Rashaad Ghaffar
 Varsity Track and Field  Kevin Dennison
 Varsity Cheerleading  Heather Handy  910-813-1153
 Lacrosse  Vin Intini
 Varsity Baseball  Alan Campbell
 Varsity Boys’ Tennis  Ted Lepper
 Varsity Golf   Frank Townsend  

Athletic Director

Athletic Director
(910) 868-5131 ext. 3549

Assistant Athletic Director

Assistant Athletic Director
(910) 868-5131 ext. 3550