Class of 2001

Justin Taylor lives in Seattle, WA. He skied off the summit of the four, highest volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest.


Ashish Gupta graduated from NC State with a B.S. in Business Management and has been working as a project manager at Epic (healthcare software) since 2005. During this time, he has travelled on 450+ trips! Ashish wrote, “Thanks to all the teachers and staff at Fayetteville Academy for always being positive and preparing my fellow classmates and me for success.” 


Lacy and John Kells and family

John Kells attended Elon University where he was part of a program connected to NC State that allowed him to earn his B.S. in civil engineering and B.S. in physics. After graduating, he earned his Master’s in Civil Engineering and now works as a structural engineer in Fayetteville. Since moving home, John has passed not only the prestigious “PE Exam” which earned him the title Professional Engineer, but also passed the “SE Exam.” This is an elite title that very few engineers even attempt to earn because of the difficulty level of the exam. He is now a part owner of his firm.

Lacy Godwin Kells graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science. From there, she went on to Duke and graduated in 2009 with her doctorate in physical therapy. She moved home after graduation and began working as a physical therapist. She continued her education by taking classes that allowed her to specialize in pelvic health PT and has focused on that for more than five years. In May, 2019, she started her own business, Fayetteville Pelvic Health & Wellness, in order to provide Fayetteville with a specialized PT practice that offers more of a boutique style.  John and Lacy have three children: John Palmer (7), Mary Prescott (5), and Simmie (5). All three of them attend Fayetteville Academy. Lacy commented, “We couldn’t be happier for them to get to experience this special place.”



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