Campus Technology Information

Please review the following information:

  1. SSL Certificate Install Instructions for staff and Middle/Upper students wishing to connect their smartphone or for students in grades 9-12 wishing to connect their personal laptop to the campus network.
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud parental consent form for Middle/Upper students. Once a parent submits the form, we will activate your license. Once your license is activated, you should receive an email from Adobe saying that you are set up (check your SPAM folder). At any point, you can download Adobe Creative Cloud to your machine. Once your license has been activated, sign in with your school email address (sign in with Google). When asked if it is a personal or Company/Organization account, choose company/organization. On the page where you can select and download the applications you want, if it says “buy” under any of them that means that your license has not been activated yet or that you are not logged in with your school email address.

Academic Technology

David Tisdale
Director of Academic Technology
910-868-5131 x. 3317