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Find supply lists, summer reading lists, and textbook lists for the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools at Fayetteville Academy.

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Lower School

LS Supply List 2020-21
4th & 5th Gr Summer Reading-2020

Middle School

MS Supply List for 2020-21 (First Semester)
Summer Reading List Grades 6-12 (2020)
6th Gr. Summer Reading Guides-2020
7th Gr. Summer Reading Guides-2020
8th Gr. Summer Reading Guides-2020
Welcome to, textbook online store
Textbook List Grs 6-12  (2020-21)

Upper School

US Supply List for 2020-21
Summer Reading List Grs 6-12 (2020)
9th Gr. Summer Reading Guides-2020
10th Gr. Summer Reading Guides-2020
11th Gr. Summer Reading Guides-2020
12th Gr Summer Reading Guides-2020
AP Spanish Summer Reading-2020
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Textbook List Grades 6-12 (2020-21)