Area: Science

Name: John Harbison
Title: 1st/2nd Grade Science Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3405

Mr. Harbison earned a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University in 1969 and a M.S. degree in Human Resource Management and Personnel Administration from the University of Utah in 1977. Mr. Harbison has 10 years of full-time teaching experience at the Fayetteville Academy (1997-2007) teaching Middle and Upper School science, math, and technology classes.  After a short break, John returned in 2013 as a stalwart substitute teacher throughout the entire academy in all disciplines. In 2017, John accepted part time duty as a first-grade science teacher. This year John responsibilities will include teaching second -grade science as well.  

Name: Alexander Kirby
Title: Science Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3244

Mr. Kirby graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BS degree and a double major in Physics and Mathematics. While at U.S.C., he served as an astronomy lab instructor and held a part-time job as an observatory educator at the S.C. State Museum in Columbia. Mr. Kirby has also done extensive work as an undergraduate researcher in the area of astrophysics.  He comes from a family of educators, as both his mother and sister are also teachers.

Name: Kristin Reeder
Title: Science Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3404

Mrs. Reeder holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Campbell University and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Kansas State University. She has been teaching since 2008.

Name: Christine Sappington
Title: Upper School Science Instructor & Director of Odyssey Programs
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3241

Mrs. Sappington holds a B.S. from Greensboro College and is EMT-B Certified.  She has served the Academy for since 2005 and has been an educator since 2001.

Name: Cindy Stanbridge
Title: Middle School Math Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3248

Mrs. Stanbridge received a B.S. in Intermediate Education with a concentration in math and her M.A. in Intermediate Education from Fayetteville State University.  She has 45 years of teaching experience in grades 4-8 in both public and private schools in Cumberland County. She taught 4th grade at Fayetteville Academy for seven years after retiring from the public school system and returned to the Academy in 2017 to teach Mathematics in the Middle School. This year Mrs. Stanbridge will also be teaching Science in the 6th grade.

Katie Terry, Chair, Fayetteville Academy Science Department
Name: Katie Terry
Title: Chair, Science Department
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3249

Ms. Terry has BS degrees in both Marine Science and Meteorology as well as a Master of Science in Meteorology, all from NC State University. She taught various courses including chemistry, biology, geoscience, and AP Environmental Science in her three years at St. Mary’s School in Raleigh. She also has spent time as a Middle School math teacher as well an ESL teacher. Ms. Terry has several hobbies and areas of interest, including scuba diving, and she holds several advanced certifications in that area.

Name: Meredith Wermel
Title: Science Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3247

After graduating from F.A., Mrs. Wermel went on to study at Wake Forest and then NC State.  She received her BS in Biology from NC State.  She has previously completed AP summer institute training for both biology and chemistry, and she has taught all levels of those two subjects over her time at Jack Britt H.S., Hill Country Christian (Austin, TX), and Cape Fear H.S.