Area: English

Name: Patti Ashley
Title: 6th Grade English Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3229

Mrs. Ashley was awarded  a B.A. from Butler University’s Department of Education in History and a minor in English Literature. She has over fifteen years teaching experience.

Name: Dr. Molly Barger
Title: English Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131 x.3234

Dr. Barger attained her Ph.D in English Education from University at Buffalo SUNY. Her specialty is teaching Shakespeare but loves to tackle many other forms of literature and poetry in ways that engage her students in the text with as much excitement as possible. She earned her MA in English from Belmont University and BA in Literature from Eckerd College. She’s taught at both the college and secondary levels but thinks middle school and high school are more fun and rewarding because they don’t yet have a fear and loathing of Shakespeare, poetry, or literature in general that many college freshmen have going into English 101. “If I can teach a student to genuinely love to explore a text, then I’ve helped begin building a bridge to their future education..” She comes to us from Tennessee with her dogs, Beowulf and Andy, as well as her cat, Friar Tuck, and turtle, Murphy. 

“Lord, we know what we are but know not what we may be.” Ophelia, Hamlet 4.5

Name: Jessica Osnoe
Title: Upper School English Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3327

Ms. Osnoe holds a B.A. in English from Campbell University and an M.A. in English Literature from NC State University. She has previously taught at N.C. State, Campbell University, and Cumberland International Early College High School. She has been a faculty member at Fayetteville Academy since 2016.

Name: Mary Vanderzell
Title: Upper School English Instructor
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3225

Mrs. Vanderzell holds a B.A. in English from Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA, a English Education from Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY, and a M.A. in English Literature from State University of New York at Brockport, Brockport, NY. She has extensive experience teaching at the secondary and college levels and teaches 10th and 11th grade English classes at the Academy. Her areas of interest include children’s literature, contemporary British literature, and pop-culture immersion. Mrs. Vanderzell is the Varsity Volleyball Coach and is the mom to three students in the lower school. She has been teaching at Fayetteville Academy since 2017. 

Name: Paul Washburn
Title: Chair, English Department
Phone: 910-868-5131, ext. 3223

Mr. Washburn holds a B.A. in English from Binghamton University and a M.A. in Linguistics from Cornell University.  Prior to the Academy, he taught at Cornell University and SUNY Cortland in NY.  His interests include theoretical syntax, fantasy and horror literature, and philosophy.  He currently teaches 11-12th grade English, and has occasionally taught linguistics and philosophy. Mr. Washburn has served the Academy since 2010 and as the English Dept. chair since 2016. He has been an educator since 2002.