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February 2018 Alumni Spotlight


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John Kells, FA’01

How did your Fayetteville Academy education benefit you most?
The Fayetteville Academy taught me that a strong work ethic and discipline will go far in helping you achieve goals. 
What I remember most about my Academy years:
I remember always feeling cared for and a part of a very special community. 
My most memorable faculty member and why:
The most memorable faculty member would have to be my mom, Señora Kells! I was fortunate to be able to take Spanish with her for two years. Going to school where my brother attended and mom taught enhanced the family atmosphere for me at the Academy. Aside from my mom, Lulie Harry, Marymelda Kizer, Connie Koonce, and Nancy Goodrum all stand out as having greatly influenced my education. 
What have you done since graduating from the Academy?
My wife Lacy, also class of 2001, and I moved back to Fayetteville in 2009. We have twin 4 year old girls, and our son, John Palmer is in kindergarten at the Academy this year. I am a Professional Engineer and a part owner with the structural engineering firm, Fleming and Associates, in Fayetteville. We specialize in designing schools and municipal buildings. We have even designed several of the buildings on the FA campus such as the science wing, kiosks, and new gym. 
Advice for today’s students:
A strong work ethic and finding a career field that you are passionate about will carry you far in life. Remember to think of others when making decisions, and don’t miss opportunities to spend time with those who you love.

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