MS/US Guidelines

While Fayetteville Academy does not modify its curriculum or methodology, any student with a documented learning disability that adversely impacts the child’s educational performance, such as a specific learning disability and/or attention related disorder, may receive the reasonable, necessary and appropriate accommodations that are consistent with the academic standards of Fayetteville Academy and do not require substantial course or program alterations. 



  • Student has a documented disability
  • Participation in an assessment, including College Board Exam/ACT is impacted
  • Requested accommodation is needed
  • Accommodation is received on school tests

Seven Documentation Criteria

  • The diagnosis is clearly stated
  • Information is current (3-5 years)
  • Educational, developmental, and medical history is presented
  • The diagnosis is supported
  • The functional limitation is described
  • Recommended accommodations are justified
  • Evaluators’ professional credentials are established

Students seeking academic accommodations on classroom assessments and/or on standardized tests in grades 6-12 must meet the following requirements before any accommodations will be made:

  • Educational/psychological testing must be administered by an outside licensed professional.
  • A copy of the current (within three to five years) testing/diagnosis including specific recommendations/accommodations must be provided to the school and be kept on file by the School Counselor.
  • Students receiving extended time as recommended in their evaluation will receive 50% time extensions, per Fayetteville Academy policies.
  • If a student wishes to receive permission to use accommodations on CollegeBoard Exams (PSAT, SAT, AP) and/or the ACT, the above referenced evaluations along with required forms must be provided to the School Counselor (Christie Rains) at least 3 months before the scheduled test date on any instructional day (Evaluations will not be accepted during summer or school holidays). These organizations require a formal school plan on file and in use to demonstrate the student’s need for accommodations. The evaluations will be submitted to the CollegeBoard or ACT for approval.  Due to the sensitive information contained within evaluations, please hand carry or scan the evaluations.

Once accommodations are approved, students will be placed on a formal school plan that will provide students the accommodations on every school test/assessment.  Accommodations must be utilized on every school test/assessment and the student must stay in the testing session for the entire accommodation time provided.  If accommodations are no longer required or requested, the change must be made in writing to remove the student from the accommodations list and/or formal school plan.  Parents should contact the Director of School Counseling, Christie Rains ( to provide documentation.  We ask that any new or updated testing be provided to us as soon as possible, so we can keep your child’s accommodations up-to-date throughout the school year.


Accommodation Details

  • Classroom Extended Time
    • A student who receives extended time will be allowed time and a half for a given assessment. For example, for an assessment designed for a 50 minute period, the student will be given an extra 25 minutes for a total of a total of 1 hour 15 minutes.  However, the student must make arrangements in advance with the classroom teacher as to when the assessment can be completed.
  • CollegeBoard Extended Time
    • Students test for a longer period of time than other students. Students must stay the entire amount of time for which they are approved.  They cannot leave early, and they cannot move onto the next test section until the allotted time has passed, even if they finish the section early.  Extended time options include: time and a half or 50% additional time, double time or 100% additional time, and in rare circumstances more time or 150% additional time.   Extended time may only be needed for a specific section depending on the disability. 
  • CollegeBoard Extra and Extended breaks
    • Appropriate for students who cannot test for an extended period of time and/or need more breaks than those given to all test takers. Often requested for students with physical or medical disabilities if they will need to test blood sugar, take medication or rest.  Students with ADHD may find extra breaks helpful if they have difficulty focusing for extended periods.



Christie Rains
Director of School Counseling
(910) 868-5131 ext. 3329
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