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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is an interactive class. Each student becomes CPR/AED certified. The students learn taping skills, stretching techniques, review HIPPA, taking a history on an athlete, nutrition, and evaluation of injuries. This class is available to high school students starting their Sophomore year. 

Sports Medicine has three levels:
  • Sports Med I: The students in this class will learn the basic skills of taping, first aid, Concussion protocol, lightening, and humidity.  The students will observe games for any potential injuries, weather, and safety.
  • Sports Med II:  This group will start using the skills taught in the first year. They work in the training room assisting with taping, treatment, and stretching of athletes.
  • Sports III: This group is assigned a team to work with and they have the ability to shadow doctors, observe surgeries, and plan the annual Health Fair for the school.

In action...

A second-year student in the program was assigned to a tennis match that was under heat advisory conditions. One of the tennis players started showing signs of dehydration.  Our sports medicine student evaluated the ill player, gave them water, and placed the athlete in the shade. The athlete's condition continued to worsen. With knowledge from the class, our sports med student was able to prevent the athlete from heat stroke by using the protocols taught in class.

A third-year student also assisted me in CPR and AED when a visitor had a heart attack on school grounds. 

Mrs. Sappington, Sports Medicine Teacher and First Responder