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Welcome to Middle School

6th through 8th grades

The Middle School at Fayetteville Academy includes grades 6 through 8. During these years, we strive to prepare students for the rigors of their upcoming high school experience in an active and nurturing environment. With an average of 16 students for every teacher, students get to know all of their fellow classmates, and teachers get to know each student personally.

Emphasis is placed on organizational skills, time management and building an educational foundation that will prepare them for more advanced courses. The faculty guides students in making good choices both in their academic and social interactions.

Although this is a time when children are exploring and re-defining their roles within the family and within society, their education and well-being remain a collaborative effort between the home and our school environment. We encourage you to freely communicate with us as we seek to educate your child.



I like being at FA because everyone is very nice and I feel like I am benefiting from my education here.  Callie T., Class of 2030


Fayetteville Academy understands the importance that small class sizes have on both the relationship between the teacher and the learner as well as the learning process. The two are connected and are vital for helping students reach their greatest potential. Mrs. DeForge, Math Teacher and Parent


Being a teacher at Fayetteville Academy allows me to see the inner workings of the school. I'm in awe of the passion and expertise of everyone here from the leadership team, to the teachers, and everyone in between. I am overjoyed that my kids can attend this school where I truly trust how they are being encouraged to grow both mentally and emotionally. Mrs. Deforge, Math Teacher and Parent


It is my philosophy that students should be invited to try new things, to break out of their shells and see just what they are capable of. With much encouragement and a push to let my students learn by doing, I have found that students are capable of so much more than they realize when they first walk into my class. It is my hope and goal to leave my students at the end of the year with a new found enthusiasm for art and abilities they never knew they had.  Ms. Williams, Fine Arts Teacher


All those who guide students in their development must understand the student’s world and its influential forces and how these contribute to making each student different. These differences enhance the students’ intellectual and social development, collectively and individually. We believe that students and faculty should continue to learn, explore and move towards wisdom and understanding.  Mrs. Dennison, Director of Middle School





AP Biology

Prerequisite: 90+ in Biology, Chemistry, and English or 85+ in Biology (H), Chemistry (H), and English (H or AP)

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HLT Smartlab


Our HLT SmartLab is our flagship STEAM lab for grades 6 - 12.


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