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Welcome to Lower School

Pre-K through 5th Grade

Fayetteville Academy’s Lower School offers a research-based curriculum for children in Pre-K through fifth grade with emphasis on the development of skills and knowledge in the core academic subjects of communication (reading, writing, spelling, grammar), mathematics, science and social studies.
Pre-K and kindergarten are full-day programs for children ages 4 to 6. This is an important and crucial time for young children making the transition from home life to a school setting. At this point in a child’s life, it is important to provide young learners the opportunities for exploration and discovery. The early grade levels (Pre-K - 1) provide children with age-appropriate learning experiences designed to enhance their continuing growth and development in each domain of the "whole child": intellectual, social/emotional and physical. These children develop and learn with hands-on activities as well as group experiences. 
Students in grade levels 2-5 build on those early childhood experiences to become independent, motivated learners with a foundation for success in future grades.



What do I like about Fayetteville Academy? ... My friends. My teacher. Our head master. E. Guidi, Class of 2034


I like my friends and teachers and how everyone is nice to me. S. Stein, Class of 2034


I like FA because the teachers are nice, they keep us safe, and when we do something not right they help us.  THAT IS WHY I LOVE FA!!!  R. Cowherd, Class of 2034


As a leading independent school in the region, our devotion to a liberal arts approach enables our students to apply their knowledge across multiple subjects and disciplines. Problem-solving techniques learned in math class can be used in science, as well as athletics and social studies. The liberal arts philosophy and emphasis enable our students to acquire the skills necessary to learn any discipline and apply these skills in their everyday lives.  Mrs. Burt, Director of Lower School


What I love about Fayetteville Academy is the small class sizes, the flexibility to meet the needs of EVERY child, and the balanced mix of academics and developmentally / age-appropriate practices.  Mrs. Zahran, Kindergarten Teacher



LEAP SmartLab

The LEAP SmartLab is our innovative STEAM lab for grades Pre-K - 2.


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Systel Smartlab

The Systel SmartLab is our state-of-the-art STEAM lab for grades 3 - 5.


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