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Our Mission, Values & History

Fayetteville Academy is an independent, college preparatory school that encourages students to achieve their full potential by offering exceptional opportunities in academics, fine arts and athletics.  The Academy emphasizes scholarship, honor, leadership and citizenship, in a safe and inclusive learning environment.


Core Values



Diversity and Inclusion

  • We believe having a diverse and inclusive culture is essential to achieving excellence in educating responsible and innovative community leaders who will make choices that benefit the world today and in the future. 
  • We will continue to build and nurture a community that welcomes and encourages diversity of thought, experiences and circumstances, while inspiring our community to be supportive and understanding of other perspectives.
  • We recognize that cultivating an inclusive, diverse community is a complex and ongoing process. We encourage and value honest conversations that will strengthen our community and enrich the education and lives of our students, teachers, staff and parents. 
  • We strive to drive connections across the student, faculty and parent communities, with the aims of cultural competency, cultural humility and cultural embrace. 

~ Adopted by the Fayetteville Academy Board of Trustees, September 13, 2021


Core Competencies at FA

Why have we adopted the core competencies?

In support of the Mission Statement, Fayetteville Academy has developed Core Competencies as a framework for teaching our students scholarship honor, leadership and citizenship. The Academy is a successful college-preparatory institution because our focus is on preparing students for college and life beyond college.  In order to maintain this focus, we must be willing to adjust to the needs of our students. We believe that a strong liberal arts education remains critical to the future success of our students.  



The History of Fayetteville Academy

Futura Est In PraesentiaFayetteville Academy Motto
"The future is present"

In 1969, a group of dedicated men and women had the commitment and passion to create a premier, independent, college preparatory school that would embrace arts, academics and athletics.


Fayetteville Academy opened its doors in September of 1970 under the leadership of the first headmaster, Mr. Joseph Lassiter with around 100 students in grades 1 through 10. During the first year, the entire school was housed in what is now the Lower School building. The following year, the first gymnasium was built and named in honor of Mr. Oscar L.  Norris, the first chairman of the Board of Directors. The Upper School addition was completed in 1972, and the first graduation was held in 1973. The former Lafayette School merged with the Academy in 1973, and two campuses were maintained until the Middle School building was completed.

Since 1970, Fayetteville Academy has embraced the vision of the founders through the motto “Futura Est In Praesentia” or “the future is in the present” and has prepared students to embrace the challenges of an ever-changing world by offering comprehensive academic curriculum, individualized attention and unique opportunities. Year after year, the Academy is named the top independent school in our area and is listed among the top independent schools in our state by

An Early Basketball team
Original Faculty
Fayetteville Academy Building Site
An early music class
An early girls tennis team
The original board
A student reads to younger children
A high school class